About Me

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Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me and who I am! Let me introduce myself! I’m Kathy and I’m an intuitive empath. I discovered my own energy sensitivity well over a decade ago. I have been studying the mind, energy, and the connection between them for more than two decades. As someone who is an empath myself, I spent much of my early life struggling as a result of the energy I was exposed to, and not knowing how to handle it in healthy ways. After a spiritual awakening in 2014, I was drawn to spending more time learning about my own energetic gifts. I recognized that many empaths spend their lives at the mercy of energy…when we are meant to be energetic magicians. I’ve been learning how to use energy to heal and create the life I want. And I want to help other sensitives learn more about their own gifts.

I am a certified master hypnotist, a certified holistic health coach, and a certified stress management coach and I use energy tools such as EFT and heart connection to help clients get results.

I see so many people, empaths, creatives, highly sensitive persons, energy workers, psychics, and lightworkers who are struggling to thrive. Many are dealing with poor health as a result of not understanding how to manage their own energy. They don’t understand how to not absorb the dense energy of the world around them.

I’ll be sharing great information here about:
*Psychic abilities
*Law of attraction and other universal laws
*Managing energy
*Energy clearing and protection
*Dark night of the soul
*Spiritual awakening
*Other topics that are not mainstream and may seem “woo woo” to others

You were drawn to my site for a reason. There are no coincidences! I know that the things I’ve learned on my own journey can give you ideas on how you can live a happier, healthier, higher vibrational life! It’s time for you to stop struggling and to start thriving instead. I’ve done it and you can too! Let me show you how!