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Weigh-In Wednesday- Week Three (Video)

I can’t believe I’m already three weeks into the journey to be the healthiest me possible! So it’s time to do my weekly weigh-in.

I’ve made the decision to not have a diet mindset this time. I did a lot of fad diets over the past decades and while I lost weight, I always ended up putting it all back on.

So I realized that I needed a major lifestyle overhaul this time. So no calorie counting and no foods are off limits. I’m just choosing to eat much better foods this time. And I’m eating in a way that is very sustainable for my life. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

I’m sleeping very well and am starting to have more energy…which is good! I had a problem with a lot of fatigue before, but that is slowly going away!

I’m all about steady, consistent actions right now. That’s what it going to help me rebuild my health and become the best me possible!

Here are my results!

Weigh-In Wednesday…time to get on that scale!

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and are over feeling crappy about yourself, then come and follow my journey! You deserve to feel like the best you possible, and I’m going to be sharing lots of information on how you can change your mindset, feelings, beliefs and health to start your journey on becoming the best you possible!

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