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Using Oracle Cards to Validate Your Intuition

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If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I regularly share a daily reading using oracle cards. I post it on both Instagram and TikTok and I call it my intuitive guidance reading. As someone who is an energy-sensitive empath, I’ve always had a pretty strong intuition. There have been plenty of times in my life when I just knew things that there was no way I should know (can you say claircognizance?). I always called it my “spidey-sense”. When I was a child, it was common for me to say things that were well beyond my limited years. I never knew how I knew the things I did, but it was there.

But after decades of social conditioning and people-pleasing, I was taught to discount my intuition and other psychic gifts. And I also to stop listening to my own internal guidance. I learned pretty early on that the gifts I have weren’t exactly socially acceptable, and that somehow I was wrong for having them (which is complete BS, by the way). So I stuffed my intuition away.

Drowning out divine guidance

And with all of the external stimulation happening around me, it was easy to drown out any divine guidance that was coming my way. But in the last few years, I’ve really been working on connecting with my intuition daily. That means far more quiet time and a lot more meditation!

So, I am listening to my intuition and the guidance I’m getting now. But like so many others, I sometimes still have doubts about the messages I receive. I don’t always fully trust my intuition. I’m sure that will get better as I build confidence in my abilities. But these days, when I get a strong message I have no problem asking my guides for some validation.

I have found that using oracle cards can provide validation when I need it. And they have become one of my favorite tools in my energetic intuitive toolbox. I currently own 17 decks and use them regularly. When I have certain messages that keep repeating in my life, I’m happy to pull out a couple of decks and pull some cards. Every single time I choose to pull some cards the messages I have been getting are validated, without fail.

How to select the right oracle cards for you?

I bought my first deck of oracle cards almost a decade ago. And I still use it to this day! When I purchased my first deck, oracle card apps for smartphones really didn’t exist.

While there are plenty of great physical decks (which I adore), some people may find that oracle card apps for your smartphone are a good option as well. Companies such as Hay House offer some options. I prefer physical decks now but still have about 10 digital decks. They can be handy when you’re out and about. For a few of my favorite decks, I own both the physical deck and the phone app.

When it comes to what to look for in an individual deck there are a couple of things to consider. Look at the artwork on the cards. Does it speak to you? Read a few of the messages. Do you resonate with them? I always feel very moved by the decks I choose. They almost pull me to them. I do find that I resonate with certain deck creators and the decks they produce more than others. But there are really some great decks with lots of fantastic messages. Find a few decks that speak to you. And it is common to find a few decks that become your favorites!

How to use the cards for validation

When pulling cards I generally ask what needs to be validated for me now. I personally pull 3 cards when using a physical deck and 1 card when using the app, but you can certainly pull more if you feel led. If you have questions about a specific card, you can pull an additional card for clarification. That can give you additional information about what divine guidance is trying to communicate. I almost never use only one deck or one app when doing a reading for myself. I typically pull cards from at least 3 decks. And I always am able to see repeating patterns within the cards I draw.

The messages I receive when doing these readings always clarify and validate messages I have already been receiving from spirit.

If you have been doubting intuitive messages you receive and want additional validation, I highly recommend using oracle cards. They can help boost your confidence in your abilities as you learn to trust the messages you receive!

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