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My WeightLoss Journey-Day 1 (video)

I’ve been writing my self-love story only since about 2014. Before that it would’ve been difficult for me to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself “I love you”.

The truth is, I didn’t love myself for a long time. I mentally bullied myself for most of my life. And I certainly never felt as if I was deserving of good things in my life.

Packing on the pounds

I’ve been overweight for all of my adult life. It’s because I learned to use food as a coping mechanism instead of learning healthy ways to cope with stress. I learned that coping habit when I was only 8 as the result of being bullied. I didn’t have the skills to cope with that in a healthy way…but food was there. It tasted good and made me feel good, if only for a few minutes.

As I’ve learned to love myself, I can recognize the habits that are holding me back from being as healthy as I deserve to be! I deserve to feel as good physically as I do mentally and emotionally now.

Thank you COVID-19

One of the amazing things to have come out of quarantining during the COVID pandemic has been the mindset work I’ve bern able to do! I’ve been chipping away at so many of the limiting beliefs, bad habits and negative perceptions I hold that just don’t serve me. And I’m tackling them one by one.

One of the biggest bad habits is using food to cope with stress. A lot of people do that. But I’m kicking junk food to the curb. I love myself enough to break that pattern once and for all! I want the rest of my life to be an active one…and a healthy one.

And if I can inspire others to do the same? Well that’s even better? This was a vulnerable video for me to make. To share my “rolls” and weigh in for the world to see. But because I love myself, I know it’s time to shed the shame and get to work!

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