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My Weight Loss Journey-Day 2-Grieving Food (Video)

So today started a little slower than I would’ve liked. But what happens when you face grief from letting go of something that has been a huge part of your life for a very long time?

I’m making 2020 the year I breakup with all of the toxic things that are holding me back…and junk food is one of them! So long sugar! Kicking candy to the curb!

Facing the grieving process when letting go of something that held a prominent place in your life is a very big deal. Most people are blindsided when this happens. They expect to feel better, but come up against depression and anxiety.

How do you deal with that when you’ve said goodbye to the main way you soothe yourself?

No habit swapping!

It won’t benefit you to pick up another bad habit. Replacing one toxic habit for another just leaves you with a whole new set of problems!

Instead, take the time to seek out healthier ways to cope! If you’re feeling stressed, try exercising or doing some deep breathing. If you’re sad, reach out to someone and talk about it.

Find options that work for you, and don’t beat yourself up if your mind immediately goes to thoughts of your favorite junk foods when you’re feeling blue. Rome wasn’t built in a night and your new way of being in the world won’t be either!

Just don’t give up! You’re stronger than you believe you are and you can get through the rough patches on your journey!

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