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How the Nightly News Impacts Your Energy

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Can watching the nightly news impact your energy? Absolutely! And not for the better either!

Stress is everywhere these days, and if you are like other energy-sensitive people, you may already be feeling the weight of all of that heavy energy. But there’s one everyday activity you may be engaging in every day that can seriously deplete energy levels…and you may not even be aware of it.  Is this your pattern? You get home from work and you decide to turn on the evening news. The stories you hear are all about the latest Hollywood or political scandal, natural disasters, major accidents, child abductions, murder, wars, and a host of other things that make us angry, frustrated, or sad.

After watching a newscast, how do you feel? Relaxed? Calm? Probably not. In fact, the reaction of most people is to feel angry, scared, frustrated, or tense.  Unfortunately, television news bases which stories they air on the type of stories that will get the best ratings. Happy news and heartwarming stories do not typically get the high ratings that a negative, scandalous and upsetting story gets. Big drama in the news equals big ratings.  Humans can’t stop themselves from being drawn into the excitement or tragedy.

Psychology Today takes a look at the trend of fear-based media

News programming uses a hierarchy “if it bleeds, it leads“. Fear-based news programming has two aims. The first is to grab the viewer’s attention. In the news media, this is called the teaser. The second aim is to persuade the viewer that the solution for reducing the identified fear will be in the news story. If a teaser asks, “What’s in your tap water that YOU need to know about?” a viewer will likely tune in to get the up-to-date information to ensure safety. The success of fear-based news relies on presenting dramatic anecdotes in place of scientific evidence, promoting isolated events as trends, depicting categories of people as dangerous, and replacing optimism with fatalistic thinking.

Psychology Today

So the nightly news is padded with horrible, anger-invoking, frustrating, infuriating stories that aim to draw the most viewers. And this format works because it absolutely DOES grab our attention. But watching this negative-focused media creates a natural stress response in the body. The body tenses up, your blood pressure increases, and you release cortisol. You become more stressed than you should. As an energy being, you are even more impacted by this response than those who aren’t sensitive. And an increase of stress without relief of that tension can create physical, mental, and emotional illnesses. Watching too much news often leads to fatigue and disease.

Stress is one form of toxicity in our body….particularly chronic, long-term stress. And because of this, it is absolutely vital that you do what you can to manage and reduce stress to help prevent illness. One easy way to reduce your stress level is to turn off the news.

Here are some things that you can do instead of watching the nightly news:

  • Choose to watch a rerun of a great sitcom or movie and let yourself laugh. Laughter is a great way to relieve stress and release built-up energy!
  • Read a great book.  Get lost in a great work of fiction. Or fill your spirit with a book that helps to improve your life.
  • Go for a walk. Take the dog or walk with your spouse, partner, children, or friend. Releasing endorphins through exercise reduces stress and helps you to feel better. Being in nature is also very soothing for those who are energy sensitive.
  • Create something. Work on a craft project, write a short story or poem, paint a picture, or bake something new. Creating something new is very vibration-lifting!
  • Have a conversation! Spending time in conversation with a family member or friend allows you to connect and let go of stress from your day! Just avoid the touchy subjects!!!
  • Meditate. Meditation is great for grounding yourself and releasing built-up energy. It allows you to quiet your mind and just breathe.

Remember that the more news you watch, the more quickly you will get overloaded and energy depleted. See how much more relaxed you are if you turn off the news more frequently. Your health will benefit greatly.

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